World of Content platform

World of Content is one of the fastest growing product content management platforms in Europe, helping companies of all sizes to optimize their online performance. Representing more than 1,500 brands with hundreds of thousands of products in the online channel.

When creating the new platform layout, I aimed to create a user-friendly and interactive user experience through a well-organised, consistent layout that is accessible across all screens on the platform. This puts the most needed functions at the user's fingertips.

UX Design
UI Design
SaaS Platform
Made at: Stijlbreuk
Content images: Blue Buffalo Company.

A+ content builder

A+ content is enhanced product content that goes beyond the standard description of a product. It allows sellers to tell a compelling story that builds a deeper connection with their target audience and increases conversion.

Creating the content builder was a journey towards enhancing sellers’ storytelling capabilities within the platform. Using a modular approach, drag-and-drop modules with a variety of content options are used to build stories module by module. Each module is used to focus on a specific aspect of the product, such as features, benefits, storytelling or testimonials. I opted for a seamless user experience that allows users to easily create, edit, attach and publish stories on retailers' websites. With the aim of providing users with a conversion-enhancing tool that goes beyond the standard product description and to further expand the World of Content platform.

Shoutout to the cross-functional team where I worked closely with during the process and in particular Abraham Ackom-Mensah, DevOps Engineer.

Made at: Stijlbreuk

Features, flows and elements

To further build on the new platform style, I designed a series of different platform features, flows and elements to keep the styling and user experience consistent across the platform. Features like; smart import, import mapping, export mapping, export page, mapping templates creation, data model creation, data dump, product detail, product overview, activity log, nutrient table, sign in, download screen and smaller elements like modals, tables, buttons, dropdowns etc. 

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